COBRA as COP/SA tool in international EXER

[Belgium, Ukraine] – The COBRA EMSS (Emergency Management Support System) was used 20-24 September as the multi-national / multi-agency Common Operational Picture (COP) – Situational Awareness (SA) tool during an international disaster response exercise with focus on channelling information related to the medical operations. The key component of the EXER was the deployment of advanced […]

Euronews Debate on Crisis Management in Europe

[Brussels, Zele] – Luc Rombout was invited to debate with dr. Jamie SHEA, Head of NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges section and mrs. Helena LINDBERG, Director General of the MSB, Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency on the topic of challenges for national and international emergency response should a large scale terrorism attack occur.   The debate aired […]

Dutch point of view on Crisis Communication for HAZMAT incidents

Quote from the Dutch national crisis centre (NCC), in Dutch and regarding how to communicate in case of HAZMAT incidents. The text rightfully states that a “normal fire” also should be considered an incident with HAZMAT / Environmental Impact and that mayors and emergency services representatives who communicate with the population through the media should […]

CEMAC and IOS International test CAMHIE integration in Astute project

(Zele, Belgium) – CEMAC is assisting the Belgian company IOS International in testing and validating the use of the CAMHIE dispersion modelling software integrated in software and hardware tools for fire brigade command and emergency management teams, as part of the EU Astute project. ASTUTE is an international project working on Pro-active decision support for […]

How hot does it get when you add fire to 52°C

A CEMAC team was deployed this week in the Sahara to organise  a full scale tank fire exercise on a oil treatment facility. With an ambient temperature of 52°C in the shade … how hot does it get when you light up a tank with crude oil? … Hot! Local fire brigade teams, medical staff, […]

Only Three Colours, but any Language You want

CEMAC has always been on the forefront promoting standardisation of emergency planning as the way ahead Emergency management processes are in fact quite universal and are only in a minor part influenced by geography, legislation or the authority of the people who are involved in the processes. FEMA’s NIMS, developments in other parts of the […]

CEMAC organised full scale Oil Well Fire exercise

CEMAC organised and evaluated a simulation of an Oil Well Fire with fire fighting, logistics, MEDEVAC and medical ops components. The exercise covered most part of a day and involved the deployment of fire fighting capability, medical assets, the activation of a hospital, two crisis management teams and even aerial support for MEDEVAC.   The […]

We are on twitter now

Indeed, we too are trying to keep up with the evolution in technology and ways of communication. You will be able to follow info about new iniatives and news from the world of crisis & emergency management via our twitter channel:  >>> cemacorg <<<