Burgemeester Stip en de trein

(07 mei 2013) Burgemeester Stip, van beroep bakker of verzekeringsagent of architect, werd na de verkiezingen van vorige jaar aangesteld als burgemeester van een doorsnee Belgische gemeente, niet te groot, niet te klein, met de klassieke spoorlijn, gewestwegen, scholen, industriezone en een zomerfestival. Voorbije nacht is er een trein ontspoord. Een trein met wagons geladen […]

CEMAC goes for renewable energy

CEMAC has chosen to switch for electrical supply to 100% renewable energy. A photvoltaic installation is currently being installed on the building in which CEMAC has its offices and in the course of December CEMAC’s power supply will be switched to 100% green energy.   “If you make plans to counter the disasters caused by […]

CEMAC launches new version of digital emergency plans platform

Final tests are underway before the official handover of a totally new digital emergency plan platform to clients in the Oil & Gas industry. The new platform is fully compatible with traditional pc’s, tablet pc’s and smartphone and allows either person (role) oriented or scenario driven use of digital emergency plans. The launch of the […]

CEMAC CEO to become new President of IAEM Europa

Luc Rombout, CEO of CEMAC has been elected new President of IAEM Europa. His two year term starts october 2011. Luc Rombout will head the Europa Council, responsible for the 64 countries on the European continent. As Council chairman he is also one of the eight members of the Global Board of IAEM. IAEM is […]

Belgian train head-on collision

Eighteen people have been killed in a head-on collision between two passenger trains in Belgium, although the death toll could rise. Railway officials said the trains collided during the morning rush hour at Halle, south-west of Brussels. One reportedly missed a stop signal. “The devastation is enormous,” said an official, as bloodied passengers were helped […]