EFDM: practice based learning for municipalities

Did you know there is a Europen forum for local and regional disaster management ? It is called EFDM and was created by the European committee of regions in 2005. The organisation is open to local and regional authorities and promotes knowledge development through the sharing of experiences. More information: http://efdm.nl/index.php

UIBS seminar

CEMAC verzorgt een namiddagopleiding over crisismanagement voor de Master en post-Master studenten. datum: 26-feb-2010 locatie: Brussel (BE)

Voorstelling van CEMAC

De algemene presentatie van CEMAC onder vorm van een powerpoint presentatie werd in februari 2010 geactualiseerd. U kan deze hier downloaden.

Spotlight >> IAEM

Do you know IAEM ? The International Association of Emergency Managers is a worldwide professional federation for experts or future experts in emergency management. IAEM has created a European headquarters as not-for-profit organisation (asbl/vzw) in 2009 and is gradually expanding its activities throughout Europa. Are you an emergency management professional or student in this field […]

Belgian train head-on collision

Eighteen people have been killed in a head-on collision between two passenger trains in Belgium, although the death toll could rise. Railway officials said the trains collided during the morning rush hour at Halle, south-west of Brussels. One reportedly missed a stop signal. “The devastation is enormous,” said an official, as bloodied passengers were helped […]

What is CEMAC ?

CEMAC is the acronym of ‘Crisis & Emergency Management Centre’. CEMAC is a Belgian centre of expertise active in the field of emergency planning, crisis & emergency management and crisis communications. This WordPress blog is part of the www.cemac.org website. CEMAC was established in 2000 and exists since then as an autonomous and independent centre […]

Wat is CEMAC ?

CEMAC is de afkorting van ‘Crisis & Emergency Management Centre’. CEMAC is een Belgisch kenniscentrum actief op het domein van noodplanning, beheer van noodsituaties en crisiscommunicatie. Deze WordPress blog maakt deel uit van de website www.cemac.org . CEMAC werd opgericht in 2000 en bestaat sindsdien als autonoom en onafhankelijk kenniscentrum. CEMAC biedt samen met haar […]

C’est quoi CEMAC ?

CEMAC est l’acronym de ‘Crisis & Emergency Management Centre’. CEMAC est un centre d’expertise belge actif dans le domaine de la planification d’urgence, gestion de crise et communication de crise. Ce WordPress blog fait parti du site web www.cemac.org . CEMAC a été créé en 2000 et existe depuis-là comme centre d’expertise indépendent avec un […]