First trials with new exercise management software successful

Posted on April 16, 2012
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CEMAC has been developing and managing a number of large scale, often international, exercises over the past couple of years.

Since it became more and more difficult to collaborate with geographically dispersed teams on the development of a scenario, the practical preparations and the actual management of the organisational elements of the exercise itself, a project was launched to develop cloud based database applications to facilitate the co-operation between different remote teams using database oriented versions of the MSEL, EVRES and other formats that make up an exercise operations order.

April 16 was the first day of a series of trials to evaluate and futher develop a totally new exercise management software application.

The new software permits integration with traditional office applications as wel as with open source oriented applications.

A series of trials and a modular implementation should guarantee an error free IOC end of Spring 2012.



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