Only Three Colours, but any Language You want

Posted on June 8, 2012
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CEMAC has always been on the forefront promoting standardisation of emergency planning as the way ahead

Emergency management processes are in fact quite universal and are only in a minor part influenced by geography, legislation or the authority of the people who are involved in the processes.

FEMA’s NIMS, developments in other parts of the world, emerging ISO standards … and even the fact that the public services are now putting “CEMAC Standard Compliance” in their tenders … are proof that we are moving in the right direction.

The development of standardised plans – the SEPP™ concept CEMAC has been using since the early years of this century – and of emergency planning/management software applications is an ongoing process in an every more international world. It is therefor not surprising that we have taken our products and services one step further … an Emergency Management “App” accessible through PC, Tablet or smartphone that you can have in virtually any language you want, as long as you agree with the colour codes convention of SEPP™.

The internet/intranet deployable software platform permits the development of emergency plans and the use of these plans in a dynamic real time environment during an actual emergency. Large organisations with activities and staff in various parts of the world can have one plan up to date in real time, which can be accessed from any place where you have internet and which can present itself to the user in the native language of that user.

One standard, one plan, one database, multiple views.

This week initial operational tests of the multilingual platform have successfully been terminated and standard interface packs for a number of the major world languages and common European languages are being developed.





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