How hot does it get when you add fire to 52°C

Posted on June 18, 2012
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A CEMAC team was deployed this week in the Sahara to organise  a full scale tank fire exercise on a oil treatment facility.

Exercise Management Staff

With an ambient temperature of 52°C in the shade … how hot does it get when you light up a tank with crude oil? … Hot!

Local fire brigade teams, medical staff, logistical support teams and the entire crisis management staff were activated for an exercise that almost took 12 hours to complete.

A tank fire was simulated with impact on the facilities, casualties, business continuity issues, crisis communication to be done … etcetera … etcetera.


The most spectacular aspect of course was the terrain deployment of the emergency services. Spectacular not only by its nature and size but of course also because of the harsh working conditions. Add quite some degrees to the official meteorological 52°C temperature, a 3-5% humidity … and you end up with a half day water consumption of 6 litres (!!!) per person.

Water to stay alive ... (for one person, half a day)

The exercise involved:

... and water to put out the fire


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