What First Responders in CBRN need to know …

Posted on May 8, 2014
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[Brussels, BE] – Unknown to many, yet very valuable. NATO’s Civil Protection Group (CPG) has published in the second half of 2013 the brochure “The International CBRN Training Curriculum”, a set of standards and guidelines that define the minimum level of competence and training for first responders to CBRN (= HAZMAT) incidents.


Whilst the document contains – as it states on the cover page – only Minimum Standards and Non-Binding Guidelines, the principles, curriculum and objectives are universal and should be or become a source of inspiration for national authorities seeking to standardise or upgrade their national CBRN incident responder training programmes (Fire Fighters, Civil Protection staff, Military, Private Sector / Industry) or to develop CBRN incident response modules made ready for international deployment.


The brochure is structured along 10 “Learning Outcomes”:


The brochure is a publication of:
NATO International Staff, Civil-Military Planning & Support, Operations Division
NATO International Staff, EADRCC, Operations Division
publication code: 0945-13
Available in CEMAC Documentation Centre

CBRN: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
CPG: Civil Protection Group
EADRCC: Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Co-ordination Centre
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation


CEMAC actively contributes to the projects of NATO’s Civil Protection Group.
Luc Rombout has been working for two years in the “Ad Hoc Working Group on the Liability of Relief Personnel” (more on this on the blog very soon) and is member of the Governance Committee in the “Multi-National Telemedicine for Emergency Situations” project.


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