Learning Lessons – Watch the terrorists … (2/…)

Posted on November 18, 2015
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[Paris, Hannover, Brussels, …] – So to set your professional minds working … some questions, points of reflection … feel free to comment via @cemacorg (twitter)…


My lips are sealed

[Gemany, Hannover] – Bundesländer interior minister Thomas de Maizière said : “Giving a detailed answer to the questions related to the security threat would only worry the population. [so he did not answer any questions]” during the Press Conference after the evacuation of the Hannover soccer stadium.

His way of (non-)communication created a avalanche of frustrated and angry reactions by population and media.

How do you communicate in these cases ?


Please please turn off the camera

[France / Belgium, Paris, Molenbeek] – During a raid Belgian federal police had to ask national media to “turn off the cameras” since they were broadcasting live the positioning of special unit police teams during a raid. In Paris the police and military establish a well defined WIDE perimeter with very few opportunities for the media to report unwanted scenes.

What is the relevance of real time planning tools (e.g. an EMSS) to well define the operations zone ?

What about agreements with press & media ?






Please park your vehicle here

To the professional trained eye a lot of things are to be seen … even the minute “details” overlooked by the untrained eye.

One of those examples is how emergency vehicles park in the operations zone. We always learn emergency services that whilst organising a vehicle parking: vehicles should be positioned in a way that they can drive away in an emergency with only ONE movement (not reversing, turning, turning again, …) and that they should be present in an operations zone based on actual operational necessity.

Have a look at the hundreds of images on the internet … and make an assessment.

Is your emergency plan well developed enough to have an orderly vehicle parking in place from the beginning of operations ?


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