Crisis & Emergency management in all its facets has been the core business of CEMAC since the day the organisation was created.
CEMAC covers all four stages of ‘management’, mnemotechnically represented by 4 R’s:


  • Reduction
  • Readiness
  • Response
  • Recovery



Reduction aims at minimising exposure to risks and threats before they happen.
This requires of course a thorough risk assessment and the design and implementation of a risk management strategies.
Sime of your risks can be eliminated, avoided or transferred, whilst others are intrinsically linked to an organisation’s activities and thus must either be accepted and managed or will lead to a refocusing of the current activities as to eliminate or rescale a current level of risk exposure.
Our experts master various qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques and can both select and implement those methods.


Readiness focuses on getting an organisation sufficiently prepared to cope with the myriad of adverserial consequences it may suffer once it is confronted with a real emergency, crisis.
Establishing readiness is composed of multiple linked components: making emergency plans, providing for the required infrastructure, equipment and logistics to implement a plan, training key stakeholders and staff, and finally assessing readiness through exercises.


Response involves reacting to the occurence of an emergency, a crisis, on multiple fronts: combating the causes and immediate effects of an emergency situation on the one hand, minimising consequences and facilitating a return to a situation of normality on the other hand.
CEMAC has here again experts who can assist an organisation during an emergency in physical emergency management (e.g. CBRN, Cyber), crisis communication, recovery management, inter-agency co-ordination, technical asssessments, etc.


Recovery finally is the swift return to a “business as usual” situation, and whilst stated as something simple, often requires very formalised and sometimes lengthy recovery processes, involving insurance companies, re-obtaining of permits, casualty care, public image reconstruction, etc.
This stage also leads to an organised de-mobilisation of the crisis management structures and an orderly and complete transfer back to the pre-existing business processes.


CEMAC manages a pool of national and international experts and expertise enabling a swift response to diverse and challenging support missions.


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