“Our mission is to assist the various actors in society: authorities, commercial and non-commercial organisations and citizens to enable the to cope better with emergency situations.”

We do that by offering a broad spectrum of services for all stages of the ‘emergency management cycle’ to a very broad spectrum of customers and partners.

Our mission is translated in a number of key aspects of our activities.

They are the underlying principles of the ‘way’ we operate.

  1. Being able to live in a secure and safe society and environment is a human right.
  2. Establishing and maintaining a secure and safe world, society, environment and company are key aspects of human behaviour and morality.
  3. Managing threats, crisis, emergency situations is an objective and to some extent science based activity.
  4. As such a maximum effort should be done for professionalisation of emergency management, dissemination of scientific insights and maximum sharing of knowledge and expertise.
  5. And finally, crisis management is not only a cost element and an activity to restore a status quo. Optimal crisis management reduces losses and can create both economic and transitional opportunities.

Or CEMAC values are the DNA of how we operate. They provide you insight into what is important for us and how you can distinguish us from others.

  • Integer
  • Learning & Developing
  • Bold
  • Passionate
  • Humanitarian
  • Innovative
  • Non-conflictual