CEMAC started working on Pandemics back in 2009 as part of a governmental effort to prepare for a possible outbreak of Mexican flu.
We have since then continued to maintain our knowledge base and to expand in the field of Continuity of Operations ( COO).

The issue with a pandemic has never been ‘if’, it was always ‘when’.
The clear answer is NOW.

Managing a pandemic …

Virologists and epidemiologists have few tools to combat a virus.
Those tools and the viruses themselves have hardly changed over the centuries.

The impact of a pandemic has changed dramatically however :
The world’s population is growing at an ever faster pace
and a globalised real-time society and economy suffers enormously from any disruption in the ‘continual continuity’.

Pandemic emergency management is complex because an infectious disease impacts all aspects of society, disrupts or breaks supply chains, leads to public finance challenges and has a significant legal, socialogical, technological, psychological component.

Where can we assist?

We can support public and private sector organisations to minimise the impact of the pandemic.
We mitigate consequences and aim for optimal recovery.

We offer:

  • Impact Assessments – how will the activities of your organisation suffer from pandemic related events;
  • Emergency Plan Development – design and creation of an organisation wide emergency plan, checklists, operational procedures (SOP), … for all stages of the pandemic and for its various facets:
    • strategic management
    • public information / communication
    • quarantaine management
    • medical operations
    • civil-military cooperation
    • continuity of operations
    • vaccination strategies
  • Socio-economic Recovery Planning – managing a society wide infectious disease outbreak creates inevitable tensions between the economic fabric, medical-sanitary capabilities and the rights-and-obligations of the individual vs the collectivity. Through inter-disciplinary
  • Crisis team Training – including Small Group Decision Making training, stress management;
  • Tools and techniques for improved Situational Awareness – know and understand what is going on, the decision alternatives and their consequences and the overall impact of events.