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About Us

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Historical background

CEMAC was established at first as a pure not-for-profit organisation in 1998 as a spin-off from research and education work done in the field of emergency management at Ghent University in Belgium. Two years after its creation the organisation was segmented into public sector / research projects on the one hand and private sector consultancy type project on the other hand.

Mission statement

CEMAC's mission statement has not changed since it the organisation was created: "Assisting society (authorities, corporations, not-for-profit and citizens) in becoming more robust and better capable of facing emergency situations." And although the mission has remained, the world and the current portfolio of services has greatly evolved over the years.

Core values

CEMAC has historical academic roots and this has implications for the way we approach projects. We strive for constant improvement and excellence in our products and services reflecting progress in scientific insights and technology. We aim at bringing knowledge in a practitioner's manner to allow maximum 'ergonomics' of what we deliver. We also value security greatly and maximise safeguarding information and the trust you put in us.


CEMAC is a network organisation. Many of our projects are unique because of the scope, extremely specific expertise required, objectives. To be able to accomodate those unique requests and projects, CEMAC works with and through global networks of experts and complementary centres of expertise.

Portfolio of achievements

CEMAC works in the most challenging environments: from flood management planning in Scandinavia to managing Oil & Gas risks in Northern-Africa, security challenges for aviation and emergency planning for the nuclear industry. See our "Portfolio" page for an overview or ask directly if you are interested in specific industry or country solutions.


CEMAC is built by and built around a small group of senior experts who were at the cradle at it's creation. We operate in dedicated Belgian and international teams grouping the highest expertise to match the challenges of our assignments.


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