The outcome of emergency management (decisions) depends in part on the individual skills of crisis team members and their interaction in decision making.

Personal knowledge and skills and the ability to make the best out of team work are crucial for quick and correct decision making.

We assess, train and coach members of crisis management teams.

We assess, train and coach crisis management teams to optimise Situational Awareness, to enable them to build a Common Operational Picture and to facilitate solid decision making, co-ordination, command, control and communication.

Wat can we offer …

  • Individual training of crisis team members in a variety of subjects, from group dynamics, over risk assessment to modelling in chemical incidents;
  • Individual coaching to become more stress resilient and to develop an interaction and decision making skill compatibel with the designated crisis management role and organisational rules;
  • Training for and assessment of small decision al groups, including SA/COP and SGDM (Small Group Decision Making) courses;
  • Organisation of simulation sessions, ranging from simple workshops up to large scale field exercises.