Mass training in police or fire academies, University lectures, workshops, field training, in-company training, individual coaching, e-learning … we have done it all.
CEMAC has a network of course designers, blended learning ‘geeks’, academics and practitioners to meet many demands, in multiple languages, in various domains of crisis management.

Many of our training & education products and projects were and are ‘dedicated’, meaning designed for a specific purpose or user groups. That is our specialty. We do not focus on mass group training events, we focus on high level training that should give the student / participant the feeling “I have learned something (useful)”.

Some relevant references

Multinational crisis management / crisis communication training
Training for the crisis management teams from 17 countries from an international construction group. The teams were trained on crisis management and received a country-specific crisis communication training with journalists-trainers from the real media companies of their home country.

ICMS Level 2 training
Training to system user level of 1600 Belgian emergency service users of the Incident & Crisis Management System (ICMS). Training in Dutch, French and German.

Group Decision making training

Large scale blended learning