This listing only provides projects in which CEMAC is currently involved.
More items will be added as part of the revision of our website.


‘Common Operational Picture for Disaster & Crisis Management’ is an international research project funded by the German and Norwegian authorities and scientifically supervised by the European Defence Agency (EDA).
The projects studies the optimisation of multi-agent / multi-agency decision making in complex disasters and crises based on the establishment of a Common Operational Picture (COP), co-ordination between civilian and military methodologies and tools.
In addition, the research focuses on the complexities of establishing data exchanges between M&S systems and C2 systems in horizontal, vertical and diagonal linking of Civ and Mil environments.

Small Group Decision Making

Small Group Decision Making or SGDM research has been embedded in many of CEMAC’s activities for over a decade.
The focus of SGDM is on analysing individual and group problem solving skills and methods and group interaction as part of the decision making (and implementation) processes.
The focus and objective of SGDM in our zone of application is the optimised decision making based on an ideal blend of instructional support (plans, procedures, …) and analytical skills.
This of course combined with the composition of ‘compatible’ teams, requiring individuals who can function within their group context based on personality, group compostion and interaction rules, level of experience, dominance, etcetera.

Medical management
Research into high knowledge / high technology developments for optimised management of casualties in large scale emergencies. The project involves research into predictive logistical / operational casualty management, artificial intelligence, real time sensoring, vehicle tracking, …