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CEMAC is involved as research partner in the “Common Operational Picture for Disaster & Crisis Management’ project sponsored by the European Defence Agency (EDA), CapTech programme.

The project aims at identifying methods and tools for improved Common Operational Picture generation, specifically in support of better civil – military collaboration during crisis situations.

The project runs 2019-2022.

Because of our involvement in COVID related research and support, the work package of CEMAC has been tuned down.

However, our key activity remains the crucial development of a CONOPS or Concept of Operations.

CONOPS means the “design and definition of a system”, i.e. the conceptualisation of what a new COP ‘system’ should do and how that should be attained.

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The global spread of the COVID-19 virus is not a surprise.
It is an event that was/is suitable for pre-planning and yet few organisations seem ready for consequence management of this pandemic.
CEMAC worked in 2009 and 2010 on a Mexican flu project for the Belgian Public Health Ministry and consequently organised the only national pandemic exercise and developed methodologies and concepts of operation to sustain critical processes in societies or in industry and services, i.e. the field of management of the full array of non-medical aspects of an infectious disease outbreak.

In addition, we have a vast experience with Continuity of Operations planning, which is apart from the epidemiologic / medical actions a key factor in attaining corporate survival or preventing an economy from coming to a standstill.
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CEMAC participated in an exploratory research project funded by the European Union aimed at identifying key challenges and ways-forward to make societies most resilient in the face of 21ste century challenges.
The final report was presented in March 2020 and involves elements such as accelerated professionalisation, pooling-and-sharing, PPS partnerships, vertical decision making segmentation, etc.


“MedOps2” is a new addition to the ICMS concept of collaborative ICT in the field of emergency management.

MedOps2 provides a full suit of functionalities for tracking and follow-up of casualties, evacuees, emergency responders, … during an emergency situation.
The application provides real time tracking of medical casualties throughout the processing from incident site up to them being sent home or dying.

MedOps2 consists of stand alone App and Client-server web based access.

Some of the key features:
* Field triage
* In- and out flow monitoring and load assessment at all field locations and hospitals
* Automatic generation of reports, lists and summaries
* Link with Call Centre operations, Call taking, Call making
* High security
* Export to other applications
* Link with hospital management systems

The system will be used by all medical response organisations in Belgium from 2020 on and is available in multiple languages.

The system comes with e-learning, self-certification and other supportive services.

MedOps2 is compliant with international data standards, such as EDXL-HAVE, EDXL-TEP, and internationally harmonised processes and doctrine, e.g. NATO standards.

MedOps2 can be deployed at any level, national, regional, hospital cluster, safety region, …